Thursday, April 29, 2010

Life's Rich Pageantry II

For those of you who don't know our regulars, I want to talk about a particular one who took being cut off extremely badly. He is generally sleeveless, comes in and sits at the bar talking quite a bit about hallucinogens and shamanic practices. He also hits on every lady coming in the door. Still, I thought he understood the boundaries at the bar and he was more or less well behaved. The context is that he has an awful reputation around town as being creepy and has been 86'd from a number of establishments including coffee shops and bars. Reasons include inappropriate advances towards women, violence, and homophobia. And he carries a gun.

I've heard all about him. I've taken a rash of shit from other bartenders and bar managers about letting him in the bar. I've defended the guy as being more or less harmless. I've also had conversations with him about not bringing drugs into the bar. So, a couple of weeks ago I'm bartending, Corey is barbacking, and I think John Star is training. It was busy and the regular was sitting outside. Corey went out, took and order, and things seemed to be fine. When Corey checked back, the regular said that he was tripping on mushrooms. This made Corey uncomfortable, he told me that he wanted to refuse service, and I supported that. The regular finished his drink, paid, and left.

Since then, the regular has been in contact with the AG's office and he wrote a letter to the owners. He attached to the AG's letter to the one that he sent to me and the owners. Long story short (it is quite a long letter), he denies ever using any sort of drugs, is offended that someone would say that, and feels like we (the bar staff) are discriminating against him because he is straight. You read that right. He asserts that we cater to gays in town and from abroad and that he was discriminated against because he doesn't fit the lifestyle that we cater to. I cannot convey how insane this is. He definitely doesn't fit the "lifestyle" we cater to because he makes people uncomfortable. Other than that...

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sweet pea said...

gee, i'll miss not having to squeeze past his bulk to gain entry into the bar.